Srebrenica Memorial Excursions

The highlight of these trips will be participation in the srebrenica memorial commeration of the anniversary of Srebrenica genocide by Serbian forces, which claimed the lives of 8,372 Muslims.

Includes the Srebrenica Memorial, commemorating the anniversary of Srebrenica genocide plus…

  • Janaza prayers for remaining shuhada from the genocide, whose bodies were recently identified for burial
  • Qur’an recitation, Adhkar, poetry, and visiting graves of shuhada  
  • Deliberation by world leaders, the Grand Mufti and others
  • Congregation of muftis from all over Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Museum visit and exhibition; tour of the compounds and sites where Bosnians were held, tortured and killed
  • Meeting war survivors, orphans, students, scholars, and community leaders
  • Trips include visits to Mostar, Banja Luka (historic Ferhadia Mosque recently reopened), Cazin (Zagreb border), and Tuzla.
  • Sarajevo tour and sightseeing: ancient mosques, madrasas, souqs; Tunnel of Hope; Olympic Mountains; Springs of Bosnia; Sarajevo Fortress; An-Nahla Women's Centre, Islamic Faculty, NGOs and more...


Other tailor-made packages available all year round, please enquire.


Includes hotel, transportation inside Bosnia, English-speaking guides, trips and meetings/briefings. 

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Excludes flights.

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