About Bosnia

Why should I go to Bosnia?

Bosnia and Herzegovina it is located on the Balkan Peninsula, being independent since 1992. Its traditions consists of a blend between the East and the West due to the mixture of cultures under Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empire. 

The country has an extraordinary Islamic heritage, having the name of  the ''Princess of the Islamic World'', where Muslims constitue 46% of the population. 

Visit Sarajevo for its outstanding bazaars, adventure on a gastronomic trip where all restaurants are halal. Pray in the Colored Mosque of Travnik, visit the famous Ottoman Bridge of Mostar, explore the breathtaking view from the Olympic Mountains along with other amazing trips. 

How to get to Bosnia?

Flight Information

At the moment, there are no direct flights from London to Sarajevo. However, you have the following options:

Option 1:

London-Sarajevo flight via Vienna or via Munich. 

Option 2:

London-Dubrovnik, direct flight with EasyJet. Our guide will be waiting for there to arrange a transfer to Sarajevo.

Option 3:

London-Zagreb, direct flight operated by multiple airlines, such as: myAustrian, British Airways and Croatia. Our guide will be waiting for you there to arrange a transfer to Sarajevo.


Do I need a visa?

British nationals do not require a visa to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina for a total period no longer than 90 days. 

For other passport holders, please check the requirements with the local Bosnia and Herzegovina Embassy. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure your passport is stamped when you enter the country. If you don't have a stamp in your passport, the Border Police might fine you when exiting the country. 


Registration it's mandatory for all foreign nationals within 72 hours of arrival. This will be arranged by your hotel.

Find more details about the entry requirements in Bosnia for British nationals- click here.