1. Is Bosnia safe?

Every year 9,000 British nationals visit Bosnia and Herzegovina and most of the visits are trouble-free. Stay updated with the latest foreign travel advice here.

2. Will I need travel insurance?

We highly recommend you get travel insurance including winter sports before traveling in order to cover all the emergency costs.

3. Will I need a visa?

British nationals do not require a visa to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina for a total period no longer than 90 days.  For other passport holders, please check the requirements with the local Bosnia and Herzegovina Embassy.

Find more details about the entry requirements in Bosnia for British nationals- click here.

4. What currency should I take with me?

The local currency is the Bosnian Mark. Most of the transactions are in cash. ATMs are available in large cities only. If you travel outside the capital, please make sure you bring cash with you. You can exchange British Pounds at the exchange office points or at the bank.

You can also order a Revolut Card prior to your departure (this will allow you to exchange different currencies without fees).

What is a Revolut card: it is a digital banking alternative that includes a pre-paid debit card (MasterCard or VISA), currency exchange within the app. Revolut is a great option for travelling to multiple countries. You can top up your card in your home currency (example GBP) then Revolut automatically exchanges your money to the local currency whenever you use your card. Get your card here. 

5. Can I use my credit/ debit card in Bosnia?

Yes, most of the places would accept card payments (VISA, MasterCard, and Maestro; less often American Express and Dinners Club/ Discovery).

6. How is winter in Bosnia?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is the perfect destination for winter wilderness exploration. The winter season starts in December (mid-November in the mountain area) and lasts until early March. In the capital the temperature drops to -5°C while in the mountains gets to -15°C.

7. What should I take with me?

Make sure you get the appropriate clothes for cold weather and skiing - sweaters, down jacket, gloves, and a hat. For skiing you need a thermal, fleece and a snow jacket.

8. How much would the ski rental cost?

Ski/ snowboarding rental is 10 euro a day, while in Bavaria, Germany is 28 euro a day.

9. How much would the ski pass cost?

Babin Do ski pass is 18 euros a day per adult and 13 euros a day per child. For example, the ski resort pass in Salzburg, Austria is 51 euro per adult/day, Bavaria, Germany- 45 euro per adult/ day.

10. What about food in Bosnia?

Halal food in Bosnia is easy to find and you will find a variety of places to eat.

11. Do I need to take anything else with me such as towels?

No, the hotel will provide you with towels, toiletries, bedding.